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Christina Lawrence

Hey i'm Christina from the UK. I'm passionate about helping others to live the life they choose. I'm 45 years young and choose to live a Holistic lifestyle, with my partner and his children along with my dog Blaze and 2 cats Jet and Tiger. My background is banking i was previously an account manager and the last 10 years a self employed mobile Holistic Therapist. I chose to have a lifestyle change to remove the stress of travelling to clients on our busy roads, wanted to have the freedom to work anywhere and earn an income in my sleeep! I love to help others and provide value to others where i can and with who actually wants it. I know the law of attraction is at work and we all meet who we are supposed to meet at the right time.Thats me for now. Check out my website for a bit more insight and i look forward to connecting with you all.