How To Get Tons Of Buyers Fast With Solo Ad Traffic


If you want to learn how to use solo ads to get a ton of website traffic that converts into big sales and big commissions and how to do it fast, be sure to read this post through until the very end.

My name is Misha Wilson, I've done over $10 million in total sales online. I've built email lists with subscribers well over half a million leads and have generated over a million leads total, and I've done a lot of that using solo ad marketing, and I'm going to share with you in this post the simple method to create a perfect solo ad in record time, so that you can get traffic that converts and makes sales.

Now, before we dive into, specifically, how to go ahead and create the perfect solo ad from scratch, I'd like to go ahead and share with you a little story about why solo ads are so powerful. I remember, when I first came online, I saw a little ad that said “How to Make $10,000 Per Month Online,” and that became my obsession. I need to make $10,000 per month. Really, I wanted to make that money so I could stop asking my dad to borrow money, and so I could have a life of freedom.

I remember very quickly realizing that in order for me to make money online, I need to figure out how to get website traffic. That became my number one biggest problem, because, without traffic, you can't have people purchase because there's no one on your actual site to go ahead and buy your product.


My journey began trying to figure out what the best source of traffic was and how to get traffic fast. I looked at Facebook. I tried Facebook ads. I got totally confused in the Power Editor. I blogged a thousand times just like this, only to have very few people read any posts.

I did a bunch of videos, which are awesome, but more of a longer term play, and I needed to get traffic fast. I was just kind of at a loss after about a six month period, not knowing how to go ahead and get traffic.

I remember it was so frustrating, because I kept thinking, “God, if I could just get 100 clicks per day, I've done all the numbers. I know this can work for me. I know I can make a full-time income. I know I can get to that $10,000 per month mark, but it's just not happening.”

I ended up, actually, stumbling upon a mentor, and I asked him how to get traffic, and he asked me, “What are you doing now?” Essentially, I outlined all the different things I was doing. I was doing Facebook, I was doing YouTube, I was blogging. I was doing some Google Ads as well.

None of it was working. He asked me a simple question, and he said, “What are all of those guys doing with that traffic? Where are they pointing them?”

I kind of didn't really get the question at the beginning, and he said, “What are they doing? Are they asking them to buy? Are they asking them to opt in and give an email address? What's the action that the traffic is taking when they hit the website?” I kind of looked at stuff, and I said, “Well, they're all pointing them to a lead capture page, right?”

So they're building their lists. I told my mentor that, and my mentor said, “Why don't you just cut straight to the source and essentially bypass the Facebook ads, the YouTube, the Google, and all of that. Why don't you just ask some of these people if you can go ahead and pay them to send an email out to their list?”

All of a sudden I was kind of like, “Holy crap. I've never thought of that before. That sounds way easier than everything I was doing, and definitely way more streamlined.” Again, it had to be quality traffic, because it was an email list, and I was tapping into an email list.

We all know that the money is in the list. In a second, I realized that that was going to be the shortcut that I ended up using or was going to end up using to create success.

Long story short, I reached out to a bunch of people. A bunch of people said no, but some people said yes, and those people that went ahead and said yes, I placed ads in their actual newsletters. A solo ad, I didn't even know what it was called at the time. But I placed a solo ad, I very quickly got traffic, I started to build my list, I started to make sales, and the rest, as they say, is history.

That what's so powerful about solo ads. You get to bypass the Facebook ads and the YouTube ads and the blogging and the Google ads and the article creation. All of that stuff is done for you, and you just tap directly into the list that's already built. If it's the right list, a super high-quality source of traffic.


With that said, now that you know why you need to use solo ads and how they're so powerful, let's go ahead and dive in. I'm going to show you specifically how to create a perfect solo ad from scratch, my four step framework, and if you read until the very end, I'm actually going to give you a free resource that'll show you exactly where to go ahead and find the best list to go ahead and buy from.

The first thing that we have to understand is that, with a solo ad, unlike a Facebook ad or a Google ad, literally a solo ad is an email. Someone is sending an email out to their existing list, promoting your capture page. Really, all you have to do is write an email. It seems very simple, but, with that said, we want to take a few more steps to kind of make sure we touch on a few critical elements to go ahead and make sales.

The first thing that you want to do with your ad is Identify.

People buy from people who they feel like they can relate with and they feel like they can identify with. If you can tell someone that you've been down the path that they've been down, you felt the struggles, you felt the pains, and you had the same desires that they had, if you can identify with them at that level, they'll naturally have trust with them, and it'll also meet them directly where they are mentally. A great marketer enters the conversation going on in a prospect's mind.

The first step for you is to go ahead and identify and in this example, I'm going to use the make money online space, because that's the market that I'm in, so it looks something like this. If you're sick and tired of spending way too many hours in front of the computer with little to no results, that would be an identification sentence.

We could also say, “If you're sick and tired of being confused and overwhelmed / If you're sick and tired of losing money / If you're sick and tired of spending way too many hours in front of the computer,” again, those are all different identification sentences.

The one thing I will say is that I want to go ahead and identify towards a pain. I don't want to say, “If you want to build a highly profitable online business and do it in record time, check out this entire video,” I would rather move them away from a pain than towards a pleasure, because people will take more action more quickly and with more urgency to go ahead and get away from a pain.


That's the first step in writing your solo ad. This would be the first sentence. If you're sick and tired of spending way too many hours in front of your computer with little to no results, then we would make the claim. This is going to be the most important email you'll ever read. A claim that, essentially, ties them into reading the rest of the email. So Step 1 – Identify and Step 2 – Claim.

Step 3, you want to tie in your capture page as the hook, and I'll show you what I mean. Why we want to do this is we want, once again, someone to click our solo ad knowing what to expect when they hit our landing page, and we want the solo ad and the landing page, the page where we're going to go ahead and get the lead, to look kind of similar, or at least have a similar message, so that, when they hit that page, they don't bounce and run away.

If we say that I'm going to show you the fastest way to build an online business, then we send them to a page that says how to get six pack abs, obviously totally different market, but you see there's no congruence there, so they're going to go ahead and run away.

What we're actually going to do is use an example page here, which is one of our capture pages…

Check the headline of the capture page that we're promoting. I'm going to grab that headline, and I'm going to go ahead and tie the capture page's headline as the hook.


Because you're about to discover the shocking method for generating a full-time income in part-time hours from home.

What will happen is, when someone reads this email, they'll only click if they want to go ahead and discover the shocking method and then from there, once again, when they hit that capture page that says the exact same thing as what your email said, they'll be more likely to go ahead and opt in.


Those are the first three steps. Step one, identify. Step two, make a claim that gets them to read the rest of the email, so this is going to be the most important email you'll ever read.


Because you're about to discover the shocking method for generating a full-time income in part-time hours from home, and number four, very simply, is to have a call to action. In direct response marketing, always tell people what to do.

Do not assume that they know what to do.
Don't leave a link for them to click and not tell them to click the link.
Don't host a webinar and tell them to buy, but not tell them exactly how to buy.
Don't host or create a YouTube video and assume that they'll subscribe if they get value.

Tell them to subscribe if they get value. Always have a call to action. For a call to action, click here right now for instant access. This would, of course, be the link.

That is the entire formula. Identify, claim, tie in the capture page headline as the hook, and then a call to action. Just to be super clear, this would not be part of the ad. I'm going to go ahead and take this out.

The ad would read, “If you're sick and tired of spending way too many hours in front of your computer with little to no results, this is going to be the most important email you'll ever read.


Because you're about to discover the shocking method for generating a full-time income in part-time hours from home. Click here for instant access now.”

Why this works so well is really two-fold. In the solo ad world right now, you're paying per click most of the time. Sometimes you'll actually pay per send, where someone will go ahead and essentially mail their list of 10,000 people, and you'll pay them $1000. No matter how many people click or don't click, you're going to pay $1000.

Fixed cost advertising. Solo ads have actually become more performance-based advertising, which is where you're paying per click. What that means is that you want to qualify each and every single click as much as humanly possible, and how you go ahead and qualify them as much as possible is you make the ad and the capture page as congruent as humanly possible.

You want your ad, the language here, to be very similar, if not exactly congruent, with the capture page that you're sending them to. Then, of course, when someone reads this, the only reason they'll click this link is if they're curious to see what the shocking plan is or the shocking method is, in this example.

They'll land on this page, and you'll have a higher likelihood of going ahead and getting that person to click this link, and then go ahead and opt in for your newsletter.


That's the simple four-step formula to create a perfect solo ad. I hope you got a ton of value, and I promised I would share a resource with you when it comes to how to go ahead and select really good, winning solo ad providers to begin with. I want to share with you a free video that's actually a training of me that I actually charge for usually.

This is a product that we charge for each and every single day as part of an actual offer. This video is literally going to walk you through my entire solo ad vendor selection process, which shows you how to go ahead and find vendors, where to find vendors.

How to choose the right vendor based on what they're going ahead and messaging and putting out there in their marketing, how to filter through the vendors that aren't high-quality so that you can select the right vendors most of the time, and, once again, as a result, have a higher probability of going ahead and having success.

If you're going to use solo ads, use solo ads correctly, use solo ads effectively, and watch as you get more traffic, leads, and sales in record time.

If you got value out of today’s episode, don’t forget to leave me a quick comment letting me know what your biggest takeaway was, and feel free to share on social media.

To the top,

Misha Wilson

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