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About The Author

Sotiris Bassakaropoulos

I spent two years messing around on the Internet. Until investing in excess of 30k to learn Internet Marketing Tools And Strategies, and going to seminars and events and buying endless books and courses. I found even after paying huge amounts for courses trainings etc, I did not have anyone to help, and show me step by step how to build my Internet Business. Over another 4 years and with a mentor from the US and further trainings. I improved in leaps and bounds. I quit my full time job on my sons 2nd birthday, I absolutely love what I do. I love getting to see my children grow up. Unlike many other parents and share my various Internet Marketing strategies, with my online students. I believe the only way to accelerate in business fast is to find a good mentor.You can teach yourself but that takes forever. I offer coaching products and services with which I can help you to make money online, and also take your business to the next level. You Can Find Out More About These On My Coaching Page.