About The Author

Rebecca Reed

Hey there and welcome to the team! If you don't already know me - let me introduce myself really quickly! My name is Rebecca and I'm a single, homeschooling, work at home mama to 3 little hooligans (they're adorable. Check the photo.). I started my journey with SAN on Feb. 20th 2017 and took off...FAST! I was able to bring in over 5 figures in less than 5 months - which was awesome! But there was PLENTY of struggle first ;). Before SAN, my kids and I had been on foodstamps. I was working my BUTT off to make ends meet. Caring for them, working outside the home, and trying to build something from home, too. I'd been struggling to build something from home for about a year before SAN came into the picture. When I joined - I had the mindset that I was GONNA make or at least go down swinging with everything I had! I'd spent years stressed beyond belief and just never really making it. I was done. DONE. That's when SAN entered my life and I haven't looked back since! It's been the answer to my prayers, and I'm sincerely grateful for each and every person I have the privilege of working welcome! Let's get going!!