About The Author

Milka Njeru

Online Affiliate and Business Coach, I have passion working with group of people from all ages, different cultures and races, I actually speak five language and just so many accents. I'm compassionate about understanding human race and see where they coming from, their need and been advocating, solving and meeting my friends/ clients/students/ patients needs helping them to live their life to fullest by teaching mindset. Some people think is a gift or a job but I think its a passion or me being at my best! I also believe in freedom especially of time and financial and currently working on helping massive of working class to learn how to set up an income generating systems online and stop trading their time for money and how they can leverage their time to build a long lasting relationship with their loved ones like parents, spouse, children relative and friends plus massive travelling and vacation that are more than just few weeks a year. I believe building legacy is more of quality time you had with those mean the most to you than your daily hours you spend in Traditional Work place or business, Just think about I mean there is nothing wrong in having 6 months vacation twice a year, it all depend on how you look at it and that where I came in!