The Income Disclosure Statement is a reflection of The Super Affiliate Network’s rewarding opportunity. The following chart represents the average global earnings of the ranks of Super Affiliate Network partner's worldwide and provides high, low, and average weekly income information, as well as annualized averages.

The income statistics above are for all active Super Affiliate Network Partner's who were enrolled during the period from 4/11/2016  to 8/1/2018.   An "Active Partner" is defined as anyone who has signed up for The Super Affiliate Networks public and free affiliate program.

The average annualized income for all Super Affiliate Network Partners , whether inactive or active, during this period was $2501.

The earnings of the Super Affiliate Network Partner's in this chart are not guarantees of the income, if any, that a Super Affiliate Network Partner can or will earn through his or her participation in the Super Affiliate Network Affiliate Program.  The average partner spends between $3000 and $12,000 in expenses per year as they build their business. Less than 2% earns sufficient commissions to cover their costs of the Super Affiliate Network products. Note that it takes hard work, dedication and commitment to the process to make substantial income in this business... and some Super Affiliate Network Partner's make no money at all.  Success in this business requires leadership, hard work and dedication, just like anything you do in life.