About The Author

Victoria Martin

My vision for my business, is to "Educate, Equip, Encourage & Empower"™ others who desire to have or create a transformational change in themselves, their businesses, and even perhaps the world as a whole. I desire to be blessed with the abilities to assist as many as I possible that I encounter, to be empowered by what I share, then to be able to learn & do the same or better for themselves! My business vision and goals are: To lead/guide the people I cross paths with along my journey using, the "4E Victory Path Of Success"™ method. The 4E Path to Success Method™ is built around each individuals goals, dreams & visions of what achieving a successful lifestyle is for that individual. It then helps guide them to reaching their goals, assisting them to ultimately be empowered in their personal and professional lives to live those lifestyle dreams. I desire to encourage others to remain confident that they will achieve their goals & dreams, as long as they stay focused on these things: their destination why they are going there & remain focused on the road ahead, not what they have already been through or passed by. I plan to achieve these goals by the LEARN, DO, TEACH Super Affiliate Law. Assisting others through sharing my personal experiences & journey. In a way that others can are able to use them as real life examples/case studies/testimonials (Social Proof), of how to escape or bypass those obstacles. My hope is that people are able to leverage what I share with them to create their own incredible success stories, that they also will choose to pay forward to other and so on. This is also my personal 'why' and personal lifestyle vision. My Legacy Dream is to leave stories of my journey, as examples as a gift to my 3 adult children and 4 grandchildren (still counting ;-)) then to continue to have those stories passed along to future generations, to build upon in their own lives, hopefully who will also choose to pay forward to their future generations and so on. I desire to leave a legacy filled with biographical stories, that they are proud to be a part of or feel closely connected to as their heritage. Stories that they choose to continue to share, after I am gone, throughout future generations. (thus enabling me to live forever essentially the fountain of youth :-)) I strive to retain & maintain the core characteristics of: Integrity; Humbleness; Generosity; Honesty; Love; Compassion; Strength; Courage; Perseverance; Loyalty. My hope is to leave, in the shadows of my journey, all of those core characteristics as markers to light/lead others to the recommended path to travel along. My goal is for these stories to provide hope, courage, strength and encouragement for all who hear them, encouraging them to build their own strong & solid foundations, to build their own personal legacies and empires replicating & expanding them. My greatest hope and goal in life, is that when I leave this world I was a part of leaving it a little better, even marginally, than it was when I entered it. Then for the people I left behind to continue that tradition throughout the generations of our heritage. Each generation doing even a little better than the one before through how they live their lives daily. Then to pass on that tradition to the next generation. It is my own way of discovering the fountain of youth and how to live forever, through the stories of the ones that come after me. Thank you for taking the time and interest in learning a little more about me. I appreciate you sharing your time in doing so! Your partner in success and living your dreams, Victoria Martin - Victory Marketing Strategic Solutions (VictoryMSS, VictoryMSS4ESucess™)