About The Author

Heidi Colmenero

Woman, Psychologist and Online Entrepreneur, in that order. Since I was very young I was mesmerized with the possibility of being able to heal people. I aimed at healing their thoughts, their feelings, their physical ailments, their inner connection and their actual and perceived results in life. In striving for this goal, I went through diverse academic and alternative healing training and teaching experiences. I became a psychologist, a yoga instructor, a masotherapist and a long list of other alternative healing techniques provider. At age 50, I came to realize that this one on one service, was not going to provide enough for my parents old age, my retirement or give me the time and freedom to enjoy other personal hobbies and travelling desires. I became determined to find the way to accomplish the goal of getting leverage and multiplying my outreach online. I was convinced that there had to be a way to work less, touch more lives and earn more, in so doing. I received help from a few mentors, started to promote affiliate products, I wrote and published a picture filled yoga book, having been able to sell some online, but definetly getting nowhere near the dream. I longed for massive financial success, time and freedom to go ahead and choose exactly the life I want; totally working on my laptop, at any place in the world. So in not giving up that dream, I now find myself at the right place, at the right time, ready, able and convinced that my goal is being reached, giving it all, jumping in head first.