Why You're Not Making The Kind Of Money You Wish You Were With Your E-mail List...

Webinar Date And Time: Thursday September 15th 9PM Eastern Time

“$8304.05 In Just Nine Weeks”

Hey whats up Misha this is John Pierre Le Bourveau. So I want to shoot you a testimonial when I hit a certain number with all the coaching that we’ve done just like this this mark for me so I could know that I was really getting the results that I wanted to like kind of a point of no return as long as I kept working from it at that point I knew I’d be good. We’ve been working together for nine weeks before that point I didn’t know anything about Internet Marketing. I was brand new came to you and you’ve been coaching me since giving me tips and tricks along the way. I wanted to pay respects to one thing in particular. You had me set up in aa Aweber and GetResponse account and i’m looking out my back office of both and in one I have 4634 subscribers from zero and in the other one I have 3086 from zero. The GetResponse account is two weeks younger than the other one so one’s nine weeks old ones 7 weeks old, and in those nine weeks just with with affiliate marketing I’ve managed to make $8304.05 just with everything that I’ve done. So I just want to send some praise your way man and let you know I appreciate you. You’re great at what you do keep doing what you’re doing and I’m gonna keep doing what I’m doing and riding your coattails. I’ll see you at the top bud.

Jean-Pierre Le Bourveau Jean-Pierre Le Bourveau