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Jamie Carroll

over the last week i have put some thought into why .... i want to be successful and transform my life into something i can be proud of for the last 20 years I've been a mechanic me and my dad had an okay business most importantly we got to spend a lot of time together which was amazing well five years ago are shop burned to the ground we got a little bit of money from the insurance no where near enough to cover his tools not counting mine either way we relocated to Havasu and put all the rest of money into starting over in a place we could possibly enjoy life we about tow years in things were not going so great new to the place still no traffic in are location well the list goes on any way shortly after the two year mark my wonderful mother passed away devastating to whole family of course.. i could see that it had broken my dads last want in life it wasn't very long after we couldn't keep the shop going and then it was just done one day my why is to bring back happiness in life to get some moments to enjoy my dad and kids before everything goes away time waits for no one i'm not sure how much time he has left could be a day could be 10 year no clue but i do know that whats left of his and mine its going to be enjoyed we have all ways worked very hard for what little we had or have and I've always had a strong pull to .. there is more to life than work eat and sleep tell you die so today i take a stand and go forth on my new journey to better my family and loved ones on the road to freedom